Logic Pro X for Windows 10/11/8/7 Free Download [2024]

Logic Pro X is an audio editing program and is among the most popular studio software programs for recording. It is able to mix and modify audio files in a comprehensive manner on Macs. Mac. It is, however, limited to Windows users are limited as a result of This software isn’t made available on the Windows 10 platform. Logic Pro X is excellent software, and this could develop by Apple.

The Logic Pro X is used for fantastic song editing software. You can easily use this software to create edits also mix your songs for the right results. The Logic Pro X app offers an incredible and vast number of special effects like the song library, digital instruments, and built-in loops. This article shows you the Logic Pro X app’s unique features and defines the Logic Pro X app’s installation procedure on your Windows PC.

Essential features of Logic Pro X app

Below define some fantastic features of the Logic Pro X App for Windows

  • This app has an excellent audio tool, and you can easily understand the user interface of this app. Everyone easily interacts with this superb interface, and you can be easy to use this app on your PC.
  • Using this app on your PC, you can automatically save your work on the Logic Pro X application.
  • The Logic Pro X is a two-in-one tool you can easily edit the audio and record the audio using this tool on your PC.
  • Utilize this tool for editing and mixing your music more comfortable and very easy to re-record it.
Logic Pro X for Windows

System Requirements for Installing Logic Pro X for Windows

If you want to install the Logic Pro X on a PC first, you have to install the VirtualBox on your PC. You should go to the leading site to get the latest version of VirtualBox. VirtualBox emulates the settings and environment of the macOS High Sierra. For running the VirtualBox, you need a Windows OS like 7 or above, 64 bits, the processor must be Dual-Core and must have 4 GB RAM.

How to Download Logic Pro X for Windows?

Below defines the complete installation process of Logic Pro X For Windows.


Download macOS High Sierra.

Download the macOS High Sierra file and then run it on the Virtual box.

Download the macOS High Sierra file and then run it on the Virtual box.

For complete downloading the file, you can extract the .rar file into the WinRAR.

Set Up the Virtual Box On PC

  • Setup the BIOS settings on the PC you can easily enable the Virtualization on the PC.
  • Go to the official website of the VirtualBox and then download the latest version of windows.
  • After downloading the Virtual Box on PC then follow the installation process that appears on your windows screen.

Virtual Machine Setup

  • You are installing the Virtual box on your PC, then set up the Virtual Machine.
  • Run the Virtual box on your PC, then click on the Machine menu, and then click on the New option as well.
  • You can enter the name and then select the version of the macOS 64-bit 10.13 High Sierra.
  • Now you can choose the RAM for your machine and need 4 GB RAM.
  • The Hard disk option appears, so choose the that is Use an existing virtual hard disk file.
  • On the MAC Hard disk selector, now click on the Add button, and then you can choose the extracted macOS High Sierra file that you already download.

Prepare Virtual Machine for MAC OS

  • You can edit the settings for MAC OS.
  • First, you choose the Virtual Machine and then tab on the Settings.
  • Select the system settings and then the Motherboard tab.
  • Select the Processor tab and then choose the CPU that is half of your real machine processor.
  • See the Display settings and then open the screen tab. Then set the Video memory like 128 MB.
  • Click OK to save all the changes.
  • You can find the CMD tool in the start menu, then right-click on it, and then choose Run as administrator.
  • In CMD, you can enter the code and quickly replace the name of the machine of your Virtual Machine.

Final Words

The Logic Pro X is excellent software and offers many special effects like the song library and digital instruments. If you want to download the Logic Pro X on Pc so read this article carefully.

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