Alight Motion Pro + Mod APK (v4.4.8.7742) Download (No Watermark + Premium Unlocked)

If You are Searching for Alight Motion MOD Apk (Premium Unlocked). Then You are at The Right Page. You will find Latest Mod Apk of Alight Motion Video Editor.

Alight Motion Mod APK is the most trending video editor android application available on the Google Play Store for free to edit amazing videos with marvelous VFX and stylish effects. It also has the feature to edit videos like premium software like Adobe Premier Pro, After and Final Cut Pro. It is available in both the free and paid version, but in free version most of the features are locked which can be only unlocked after upgrading to premium version Alight Motion. So, the solution to eliminate the purchasing its premium feature is to download and install the modified version of it.

What Is Alight Motion?

Alight motion is a freemium video editor for android available on Google Play Store which is free to download and edit videos like professionals. The main purpose behind developing this application was to provide all those video editing features on mobile which are accessible only to computer user and costly software. So, the app developer company Alight Creative managed to develop this superb app for free.

Alight Motion MOD APK

In initial days the app wasn’t perfect how it is now, but by the time when the demand for video editing increased because of more demand in video content they focused on making this application useful for everyone and that’s why now it is the most popular app for video editing and film making.

Creators are taking the full benefit of this app by maximizing its utility, and some of them are even creating short films with just this application. The features of this app are countless and mind-blowing that has the capability to grab users’ attention at once, and the best thing about this application its UI is super simple and easy to understand that anyone can fit with it easily.

Key Features 

  • Chroma Key
  • No Watermark
  • Ads Removed
  • Export in High Quality
  • Premium Effects Unlocked
  • Pro Version Fully Unlocked
  • Premium Features Activated

Why Alight Motion Is the Best Video Editor for Android?

You see, the reason behind Alight Motion Popularity is countless. There is no limitation if you start counting each of them. In short and simple Alight Motion Video Editor is popular because of its amazing features, the simplest UI, easy to use, and fast response rate.

This app gives you the freedom to edit videos like PC on mobile in easiest that you can only imagine about. Here you can use VFX, Green Screen, Change Background, use multiple timelines at once, preview before exporting and export videos in the highest quality depending upon your device performances.


Here are some of the unique features of Alight Motion Pro, that makes it special and difference in comparison from other video editor applications on the Google Play Store. We will take a look at all of them one by one:

Keyframe Animation

Keyframe animation is a breathtaking feature by which anything can bring in motion. Suppose you want to add any animated text or image. Then there is no direct option to animate in a better way. If there is available, then they have fixed path of movement. But by using the key frame animation, we can set the animation direction that how and when it should move the text or image. By activating key frame animation when you move, any selected element will be converted into animation in that way.

Blending Modes

Blending Modes in other words means opacity of the clip you are using as layer; it could be any image or media file. When you add multiple layers in the timeline, then their opacity can be customized depending upon our need. It is mostly used in horror movies to display ghosts, so you can also use it to make horror short films to entertain your viewers. If you have done photo editing in apps like PicsArt then I’m sure you are familiar with opacity level, the same thing in Alight Motion is known as Blending Mode. But it is used for video, not only to images. The thing about blending mode in alight motion, it is easy to use that any new or old user can easily use and customize according to the video requirement in which it suits better. 

Multiple Timelines

You see in this creative world everyone wants to deliver 100% to their audience, then how can we not. By the use of multi layout timeline you can add multiple layers of clips, audio, typography, filters, effects or any media files as much you want in multiple layers with multi layout timeline. In multiple timelines, you can add as many elements as possible you want to use, but please do it according to your device configuration. If it is not adjustable in according to your device, then there is no to put extra load on the device otherwise it will misbehave.

Stylish Fonts

Typography is a key feature to grab viewers’ attention, and there are hundreds of stylish fonts offered by Alight creative in Alight Motion Pro APK. You can take the full benefit of its font or use some custom fonts. There are many free websites that create stunning fonts for free, so you can download them and import it to the font folder and get access to all of them. The good thing about font is they are customizable.

High-Quality Export

At the end what matters is quality, so Alight Motion is fully prepared to provide you the option of the highest quality video export facility. Means there is no need to adjust your quality because of the app. In the premium version you get even 4K video export facility means full clarity and even a single frame of the video will be clearly visible, and your viewers will also enjoy if you provide such an amazing video back-to-back. 

Support Every Format

What is Alight Motion Mod APK?

The Alight Motion Mod APK is a next level video editing tool available for android. Alight Creative developers has released two versions of the app, one is paid whereas another one is for free. But the free version comes with some limitations which are unlocked in the paid version. So here we are providing the best and working mod APK of Alight Motion. This is one of the finest video editing applications that you can use on Android from Google Play Store with over 50M downloads, 500K+ rating with 4.1 ⭐.

MOD Features

1. Chroma Key Added

Before Chroma Key facility was available only in computer paid software, but after the launch of Alight Motion you get the full freedom to use this feature. With Chroma Key tool, users can remove the background of a video. It is mostly used in action movies which are shot on Green Background, and then it is placed at the location with just software. The same you can also perform in mobile phone with this app and tool. Just shoot a video with green background and by chroma key all your background materials will be removed and only your body will be visible. 

2. No Watermark

In free version, one major issue occurred with users that it was leaving a watermark made with Alight Motion, which doesn’t looks good. Especially when you are making something professional. So we have managed to remove this and get rid of the brand watermark that left on the video. It means by downloading our modified version of the app you won’t need to pay for premium version to remove watermark. Sometimes watermark looks weird, but in most of the cases we never like to have a video in which any watermark is left. 

3. Ads Removed

Another one big issue for the users with free version is advertisement that keeps on appearing to disturb user’s attention. Sometimes a few advertisements are a bit destructive due to which we lose our focus and attention from the project on which we were working hard to complete ASAP. So for this our team has put some extra effort to remove this too and managed and brought this modified version without any ad. In the premium subscription there are no advertisement because they take money for this. 

4. Export Video in Highest Quality Available

Every viewer watching a video or film, they demand the highest video quality with clear visuals. But any application available for mobile are not that much sufficient to export video in the highest quality. Rarely any application gives the export quality of 1080p or 4K. But the beauty of Alight Motion, it has the both the 1080p and 4K export feature. But exporting in such high quality might affect your device performance, so it is advised to render your video in min quality in which it is clearly visible, and viewer don’t complaints about it. 

5. Premium Effects Unlocked

As I have already described, this app is just amazing and its premium filters as well as effects are stunning that can add beauty inside any kind of non-professional videos in just a few taps. Here we have unlocked all the premium effects which are locked only in premium subscription users in this free modified version of the app. Our developers have done a really great job in unlocking these premium subscription effects and brought it to you. Effect has the power to change the scene of any video in just a few taps. It has almost all kinds of premium effects which are suitable for any types of videos. Even if you are a non-creative person, these effects and premium filters of Alight motion will make your simple videos look remarkable. 

6. Pro Version Fully Activated

The pro version of Alight Motion comes with lots of unique features which are locked in the free version. But by downloading this modified version of the app, you will be able to enjoy and use all the locked features of pro version without getting any premium subscription of it. The in-app products range between $1.99 – $35.88 per item. Which is not an affordable price for a content creator who has just started his career as a content creator on social media like YouTube or Instagram or on TikTok. So, this is a small gift from our side which might be useful for you.

Download Alight Motion Mod APK For Android

NameAlight Motion
Requires6.0 and up

How To Install Alight Motion Pro Apk?

Follow The Below procedure to properly install and use pro version of Alight Motion is the best video editor for android for free. If you are facing issue in installation, then the below steps will guide you with the easiest tutorial to download and install it for free.

  1. Download the APK by clicking on the download button.
  2. Navigate to mobile file manager and look for .apk file.
  3. Enable “Unknown Sources”, by going to setting > security > unknown sources.
  4. Again, try installing the Alight Motion premium apk
  5. Open the app to start using.

Note: If you are already any version of alight motion, we recommend you uninstall them first of all.

Last Word

Here comes the final review from our side, what we think about the alight motion mod APK. If you are new to the content creation and not have sufficient funds to invest in video editing software or want to try the premium version of alight motion, then this could be a better choice. The best thing, it is safe to use and trusted by thousands of users from all over the world.

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